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At Point to Point, there are times when we are busy. There are times when we are extremely busy. There are times when we are breakneck, going-down-for-the-third-time, superhuman-effort-required busy. And then there are times when we call freelancers. If you enjoy a fast pace, unreasonable deadlines and ridiculously high expectations, all without health benefits or vacation leave, consider signing up to be in our pool of contract freelancers for weekday, on-site work. We are always looking for gluttons for punishment who can help us with:

  • Graphic Design
  • Interactive Design
  • Concept (Art Direction and Copy)
  • Content Development
  • PR
  • Copywriting
  • Front-End Development
  • PHP Development
  • Mobile Web Development
  • iOS Development


Please apply by submitting a resume, brilliant cover letter, and samples.


Working with a great team.

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